Five People Arrested In Connection To David Ortiz Shooting

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According to WBZ-TV's Anaridis Rodriguez, five people have been arrested in connection with the shooting of David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic that occurred on Sunday.

Four of the five people were arrested Tuesday northwest of Santo Domingo, where Ortiz was shot outside of a bar late Sunday night.

The fifth person, 25-year-old Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, was already in custody, having been captured by police shortly after the shooting. Feliz Garcia, who is being charged as an accomplice to attempted murder, was beaten by a crowd at the bar following the shooting.

Yesterday, In her first public statement since the shooting, Tiffany Ortiz gave an update on David Ortiz and said her husband was “stable, awake, and resting comfortably” Tuesday morning in the intensive care unit at MGH, where he is “expected to remain for the next several days.”

She also expressed gratitude to the Red Sox organization, the “amazing” MGH staff, and fans for “the outpouring of support and love that we have received during this incredibly difficult time.” Ortiz is expected to make a full recovery.

Photo: Getty Images

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