Petros On Pat Haden's Possible Involvement In The College Scandal

Petros and Cole Wright break down the news of the investigation of Pat Haden's possible ties to the college admissions scam.

He doubled down on Lane Kiffin only to fire him. He upset and ran off Ed Orgeron, snubbed his nose at Chris Peterson only to hire Steve Sarkisian despite numerous red flags about his drinking and various other issues and put him in charge of one of the most popular programs in the history of football. Haden ran on the field at Stanford even though he is on the freakin playoff committee.
This just goes to show when you put a non administrator/fundraiser type who is going to treat the university like a country club, it is going to get ugly. It has been more than problematic, it has been downright embarrassing.

Listen to the conversation below!

pat haden

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