Lakers Fans Are Planning To Organize A Protest Outside Of Staples Center

It looks like fans are ready to voice their displeasure with the Lakers organization.

A Lakers fan took to Reddit on Wednesday to announce that he is planning to stage a protest outside the Staples Center at noon on Friday. He said the goal is to “voice our displeasure of the front office." Here is the information that he included in the post:

Here’s the Details:
Friday @ 12:00 PM, In front of Staples Center
We will be holding a protest to garner Media Coverage. Voicing our displeasure of the front office.
Why? Jeannie hates bad PR. She don’t care about us, but cares what the media says. Point is to spin the narrative to the Talking Heads “Is Jeannie the opposite of her Father?” and have them talk.
Bring Laker Gear, byo chairs & Water.
“Sell the team!”
“Fire Rambis!”
"Fire Linda!"
"Kevin McHale" (Ironic, I know)
“No Jason Kidd!”
"Shadow Owner!"
Need a chant for Anti-Rambis sentiment. Suggestions?
When speaking with the media, get across the dysfunction the Front Office & Ownership bring, Mention Jeannie’s reliance on the Rambis’s. This mismanagement is the Main Issue. She's Making Dolan look competent.
If y’all have any suggestions, let me know.
Y’know, say what you want about reactionary this is, but I’ve had enough of this Thick-Headedness. I don’t want to see this team ****-up the rest of LeBron’s career. If we truly can’t be contenders now, I don’t see a better scenario in the future, without LeBron.
RSVP by messaging my Inbox. Cut off will be Thursday 10PM. Of course you can still come at your own accord.
Chat Directly as well if You would like to help with Planning.
Edit: I understand Friday Morning is an issue for many, so I am open to a 2nd this Saturday @ 12. Just let me know.

On Wednesday that Tyronn Lue, informed the Lakers he's no longer interested in the team's head coaching vacancy after declining a three-year offer. According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers are planning to interview Frank Vogel.

Photo: Getty Images

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