(WATCH): LeBron James Reveals How He Found Out Magic Was Stepping Down

It has been a little over a month since Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson suddenly resigned without telling anyone in the organization.

In the latest episode of "The Shop" on HBO, LeBron James and Lonzo Ball reveal the exact moment they found out that Magic Johnson announced that he is going to step down and how they reacted.

"Get the f--- out of my face, you're bulls--tting," James said of his initial reaction when told of Johnson's resignation.

James said he went to the Lakers locker room to double-check that Johnson stepped down and at that point he ran into teammate Lonzo Ball, who was also featured on the episode.

"[Lonzo] is on the floor and he looks up at me and says 'Yo, you see this s--t?'" James said. "We was like 'Damn, right now?' It was literally 70 minutes on the clock they're getting ready for a game, and you decide to do this right here, right now? I feel like there's a time and place for things, and I believe you knew you were going to make that decision. So why would you do it here, do it now?

The Lakers as of right now do not have a President of Basketball Operations or a head coach. But it is looking more and more like the Lakers will offer Tyronn Lue the head coaching job.

Photo: Getty Images

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