Justin Turner On Guys Like Alex Verdugo Stepping Up This Season

Our David Vassegh caught up with Justin Turner before the game vs. the San Francisco Giants to talk about his season, A.J. Pollock news, and Alex Verdugo so far in 2019.

On the A.J. Pollock news:

It's very unfortunate news and we hope the best for AJ. I've experienced it and its not fun. All it does present an opportunity for other guys to step up and get a little bit more opportunity and you will see a lot more of Alex Verdugo.
It hurts missing one guy, it gives another guy an opportunity to step in and get more AB's and contribute.

On Alex Verdugo in 2019:

He has been a completely different guy this year. He is funny to be around, he is exciting, he has a little Puig in him where he has that knack for sparking some electricity in the lineup and the fans. He has been good for us.

Listen to the conversation below!

Photo: Getty Images

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