Chris Taylor On The Difference Between Playing Shortstop And Second Base

Dodgers Chris Taylor joins David Vassegh before the Spring Training game vs. the Cleveland Indians to talk about what it is like moving around from shortstop to second base.

On moving from shortstop to first and second base:

Honestly I'm not really sure, I didn't get to play too much second last year. Kinda been bouncing back between first and second and I am sure I will be getting in the outfield. I just play where they tell me to.

Challenge of playing 2nd base:

The biggest thing I fight is I don't have the same aggressive mindset sometimes. There was a play earlier this spring and it was an in between hop that I know if I was playing shortstop I would have taken a couple steps back. You have to catch the ball at short and for whatever reason I tried to chest it up and the guy beat it out. Trying to carry over that mindset from shortstop to second is the biggest challenge.

Photo: Getty Images

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