A.J. Pollock Talks About His First Spring Training With The Dodgers

David Vassegh talks to Dodgers A.J. Pollock before the Spring Training game vs. the Chicago Cubs.

A.J. Pollock on working with Dino Ebel:

I am super excited about that. I heard a lot about Dino from teammates of mine, ex-teammates, and guys who played with Dino. I love that stuff, I think it is a great part of the game and I think it impacts the game more than people know. Hopefully I am going to be able to pick his brain and utilize what he does to the fullest.

A.J. Pollock on the Dodgers in the locker room:

The things that stands out to me is these guys are here to work. There's a lot going on but when it is going time, these guys are very focused.
This whole locker room, they are awesome players. Corey and J.T. they are very serious and they go about their business the right way.

Listen to the conversation below!

Photo: Getty Images

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