Bill Plunkett On The Dodgers Offseason And What To Expect To See This Year

Bill Plunkett from the O.C. Register joins Roggin and Rodney to talk about the Dodgers heading into Spring Training and what to look out for.

Plunkett on Dodgers Fans Expectations In The Offseason:

There's is this perception of this dodgers from sometime now that they can buy whatever they want. That is not the way they operate. It doesn't make sense a lot of sense to tie a $300 million dollar rock pay roll to your pay roll for 10-12 years.

Plunkett On Julio Urias:

He is a starter and he will fit in the Oklahoma City rotation to start the year. They have got 8 or 9 starters here and they are not going to fit. There's not a lot of room in the bullpen either.

Listen to the conversation below!

Photo: Getty Images

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