Pacers Fans Cheer "LeBron Is Going To Trade You" To Brandon Ingram

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in highly talked about the last two weeks because of their interest in New Orleans Pelicans start player Anthony Davis.

Tuesday, the Lakers fell to the Indiana Pacers 136-94 in a game which lacked a ton of energy on the side of the Lakers. One of the most akward moments of Tuesday night’s Lakers-Pacers game in Indianapolis, is when the fans had fun chanting “LeBron’s gonna trade you” at Ingram when he was shooting free throws.

After the game, our insider Bill Oram caught up with Ingram and talked about what it was like when all those cheers came his way.

“Yeah I heard it. I still made the free throw.”

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, it will be interesting to see if the Lakers will make a big splash outside of Anthony Davis or if the Pelicans come back with a reasonable trade request.

Photo: Getty Images

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