Guy Disappears After Allegedly Stealing $1M In A Super Bowl Ticket Scam

An businessman has been accused of swindling nearly a dozen people including his own mother out of almost $1 million in a Super Bowl ticket scam.

Nicole Carr of WSB-TV reports that t he man, Ketan Shah, was also reported missing by his wife earlier this month.

Sandy Springs resident Alan Tartt, one of the alleged victims, said he was introduced to Shah through a mutual friend and started making $5,000 payments to him as deposits for $20,000 worth of tickets. However, when they were scheduled to meet, Tartt said he couldn't get in touch with Shah.

Among those whom Shah allegedly swindled is his own mother, who contacted police, but did not file charges after losing $36,000 in the scam, according to police records obtained by WSBTV.

"It's not that he posted some ad and random people are contacting this guy for tickets and being scammed. He's known these people for many years. One of them, he's known his whole life because it's his own mother, and he's taken advantage of them."

Photo: Getty Images

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