Uber Is Providing Free Rides To Losing Super Bowl City

Uber is looking to give you a small reward on Super Bowl Sunday.

If the team in your city loses on February 3, you can get home for free because of a promotion called "Unhappy Hour." To get your free ride, you need to be in the city of the losing team and become an Uber Rewards Member. It's a free program that allows you to earn points when you ride or order food through Uber Eats. Those points can be redeemed for more rides and food with Uber Eats.

To redeem the ride, users must have the Uber Rewards program. Users in Los Angeles and Boston will receive an "Unhappy Hour" promotional code on Sunday through the app which they must enter after the game when booking the ride. The free ride is good for up to $50 on UberX, UberXL and Uber Pool.

Whether the Rams or the Patriots lose the Super Bowl, people from Los Angeles and Boston at least get a small consolidation prize.

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