Rob Parker Talks Patriots And Tom Brady

Rob Parker joins Roggin and Rodney to discuss Hall of Fame voting, Super Bowl, and the Lakers. 

Rob Parker on Tom Brady: 

I've said he is a great player. But I can't get over the opportunities. It always seems to workout. A lineman reaches in to try to sack him and it was a roughing the passer. Edelman, the ball hit his thumb. 

Is Tom Brady a great quarterback? Yes. I said the coverage of Tom Brady is unlike anything I have ever seen. They never mention the bad stuff and it is always him no matter what. Sony Michel ran for 3 touchdowns in his first ever play game against the Chargers and the story was about Tom Brady. 

Rob Parker on the Lakers/Warriors: 

You gotta admit this, are you afraid they are going to be a 7th or 8th seed and play Golden State in the first round? Fred, you said they were going to make it to the second round, i'm not so sure. 

Listen to the conversation! 


Photo: Getty Images

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