Kenyon Martin Talks About The Lack Of Defense In The NBA Today

Former NBA Player Kenyon Martin joins the Petros and Money show to talk about the Warriors and the state of the NBA right now. 

Kenyon Martin on the state of the NBA: 

I don't think their is a team in the National Basketball Association that is going to beat the Golden State Warriors. Before Boogie Cousins and after Boogie Cousins. 

On the style of the NBA:

It is not my style of play but it is the way basketball is so i just have to adapt to watch it. I think defense has been compromised overall, I think playing hard all the time has been compromised, I don't know why.

You got three teams scoring more than 140, that is absurd in this game. At times, people don't care on that end of the floor. It is the nature of the game now so people have to adapt including myself. 

Listen to the conversation! 

kenyon martin

Photo: Getty Images

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