Lakers Have Expressed Interest In Chandler Parsons

The Lakers have fallen to 8th in the Western Conference and things have not looked good at all since LeBron was injured on Christmas Day vs. the Warriors. 

Jason McIntyre came on the Scoop B Radio Overtime to talk about the latest with Chandler Parsons.

“The name I’m hearing, I talked to someone this morning in Memphis, Chandler Parsons,” according to Jason McIntyre

“He and Memphis are parting ways obviously or have parted in the last couple of days. Keep an eye on Chandler Parsons and possibly going to the Lakers. But like, cause I know Chandler Parsons has a bad rep around the league as kind of a soft player, but he's immensely talented." 

Parsons is averaging 13 points and 4 rebounds per game, Parsons is owed $25.1 million next season and has battled knee injuries for the past three years. 

Photo: Getty Images

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