Rich Hill Talks About His Patriots, Dodgers Outlook Going Into 2019

Dodgers Rich Hill joins David Vassegh on Dodger Talk and to talk about his New England Patriots chances against the Chargers and the Dodgers outlook this upcoming season. 

Rich Hill on if the Patriots beat the Chargers: 

If the Patriots win, you have to wear a Patriots hat one week in Spring Training. 

Vassegh on if the Chargers beat the Patriots:

You would let me stand in for your curve ball or your fastball maybe three pitches.

Rich Hill living in Boston after the World Series loss:

Everybody around here is enjoying it. I think we have a really good chance in 2019, looking forward to turning the page. Guys are a little ticked off, not a little bit but a lot. This season we felt like we had a better opportunity to pull it off but we came up short. Everyone is excited and has a chip on their shoulder to start the season off right this year.   

Listen to the conversation below! 

Photo: Getty Images

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