Tommy John On Why Tommy John Surgery Has Become Frequent With The Youth

Tommy John joins David Vassegh on Dodger Talk to talk about winning the Iron Man Award, how scouting has changed, and if the Tommy John procedure has overshadowed his career. 

On if his career is overshadowed by the Tommy John surgery procedure: 

Today someone was talking and they said "Tommy John is here!" and someone said "oh the pitcher that had the surgery..he pitched? The sad thing is 57 percent of the Tommy John surgeries are done on kids 10-18 years old. That is absolutely horrible. 

On what causes 10-18 year olds to have Tommy John surgery: 

They are not having a break and they aren't strong enough to withstand the pressures of pitching. My son who wrote this book "Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance", the professional player should work as much as the young kids do and the kids should work as little as the major league players do. 

Listen to the conversation below! 

tommy john

Photo: Getty Images

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