Uber Driver Trash Talks Chargers While Unknowingly Driving Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon is the Los Angeles Chargers leading rusher with nearly 900 yards and 10 touchdowns going into Sunday’s AFC wild card game on the road against the Baltimore Ravens. During his short time in Baltimore though, Gordon and the Chargers weren't getting any love from the locals. 

During an Uber ride, Chargers star running back Melvin Gordon decided to talk with his driver about the NFL playoffs upcoming game between the Chargers-Ravens game specifically.

Gordon started recording the conversation on Instagram live and the driver gave the Chargers no chance against the Ravens. 

Driver: “Listen, Philip Rivers, you don’t even have to worry about him. … They’re going to put him on the ground.”

Gordon: The Chargers have been doing well this year. I like the running back they got too.

Driver: Yeah, the Chargers was 12-2 or something like that.

Driver: 12-4, I think.

Driver: Oh ok.

Eventually, Gordon let the driver in on his joke and introduced himself. The driver was in disbelief. 

Photo: Getty Images

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