Christian Yelich Is Considering Donating MVP Award To Borderline Bar

MLB star Christian Yelich says he’d be open to donating his MVP award to the Thousand Oaks bar where 12 people were murdered last month.

According to TMZ Sports, he used to attend Borderline Bar & Grill when he was a teenager and that’s why he says the tragic killing of 12 innocent people had “extra meaning” for him. It impacted him so much, that he says he’ll consider donating his MVP award to the bar when the Borderline Bar reopens. 

“That’s something that we’ll have to talk about in the future,” Yelich told us at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year ceremony at The Beverly Hilton in L.A.

"I feel like you gotta let the grieving process play out. Let them take care of the many needs and things that they have to take care of just to get back to a sense of normalcy. And, then you can kinda see what you can do to help out."

Yelich, Ryan Braun, Jared Goff and many others were very involved in efforts to raise money and help build back up Thousand Oaks after the fires and shooting. 

Photo: Getty Images

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