LeBron: "I Would Love To See The Floor With My Son"

LeBron James has been very open about playing basketball with his son and we might have a little bit of clarity on how long LeBron will actually play. During an appearance on the Tim Ferris Show, LeBron mapped out a plan where he could make this dream a reality. 

I would love to see the floor with my son. My son is in the eighth grade now. If he continues on the path that he's on right now, he could possibly be in the NBA in 5-6 years. So that would be an unbelievable moment for not only myself but for my family, for everybody. So we'll see. 

Many things would have to work out in order for every thing to happen. If the 5-6 years window is accurate, LeBron would be almost 40 years old and out of his Lakers contract. Bronny is currently an 8th grader playing at his school 

Outside of the Griffey family and the Bonds family, very few athletes have had the opportunity to play with their children in the same sport. This would be an incredible for the NBA to see the LeBron and Bronny run the court together. Only time will tell if we will see this happen. 

Photo: Getty Images

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