LeBron James On The Nuggets Pursuit Of Him In Free Agency

When free agency opened in July of 2018, many teams did everything they could do to try to convince LeBron James to come sign with them. Many reports came out that the Denver Nuggets did everything they could to get a meeting with LeBron James in order to convince him to sign with them. He addressed it in a shoot around this morning on if he did consider signing with them. 

He discussed it a couple times to me. Also he sent those throwback jerseys, I think they’re wearing them tonight. The white ones? With the mountains, I believe, that’s on it. Said, ‘You’d look good in one of these.'” 

LeBron went on to talk about how Nuggets president Josh Kroenke is "a dear friend" of his and that he didn't really give it much thought to join the Nuggets. 

We've been on vacation, things of that nature, we have a great friendship.

The Lakers look to rebound after the loss to the Magic on Sunday. They are in Denver tonight to take on the Nuggets. 

Photo: Getty Images

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