Parent Accused Of Dressing As A Referee During Son's High School Game

Some parents these days will do anything to make sure their kids competing in whatever sport they are in win the game. 

At Chicago's Nazareth Academy, a parent decided it would be a good idea to dress up as a referee to call his son's high school playoff game to make sure they win. This got so bad that the dad is now facing a lawsuit for doing what he did. In the lawsuit, the dad responded on Facebook defending what he did via Chicago Tribune.

The lawsuit alleges a parent of a player from Nazareth wore his referee uniform and was involved in calls the referee crew made though he was not officiating the Nov. 10 game. The father was also seen alongside referees in an area where only officials are supposed to be.

On Facebook, the father responded to criticism of him being involved in the game by saying, “I did what was needed to make sure Naz won,” according to screenshots included in the lawsuit.

In another comment, the father tells someone, “I didn’t make one bad call. I made sure the best team won.”

In the video above you can clearly see the parent at the center of every play that was going on.

Photo: Getty Images

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