You Can Buy LeBron's 2003 Hummer H2 At An Auction

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James' car that he drove in his senior year of high school is now up for auction according to Darren Rovell. The car is a 2003 Hummer H2 will be going up for auction on December 8th at Goldin Auctions. 

This car that will be going up for auction is the car that James received for his 18th birthday that prompted an investigation. Many people questioned if the car was given to him by his mother or bought by an outsider which by law, an amateur athlete can't capitalize on athletic fame by receiving gifts by outsiders. 

According to SI's Ben Golliver, in 2013, his Hummer went up for sale on eBay for $64,800. It was eventually purchased for an undisclosed amount and has been on display at the Greater Cleveland Auction since.

We will see how much it will sell for. 

Photo: Getty Images

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