Tyson Chandler On Why He Chose The Lakers Over Warriors

A couple of weeks ago, Tyson Chandler was bought out buy the Phoenix Suns which allowed him to sign wherever he would like to. He eventually signed with the Los Angeles Lakers and ever since they acquired Tyson Chandler, they have been very solid. Chandler revealed that it was down two teams in the mix.

There was like, I think five teams, and then I narrowed it down to two. I had to do some heavy thinking and praying, and I could only see myself in a Laker uniform.”

They eventually asked him who the other team was that he was giving consideration to.

Here and the Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are going for their 4th championship in a row but Tyson Chandler decided that coming home to Los Angeles was more important than anything else. Chandler played at Dominguez Hills High School in Compton. 

Photo: Getty Images

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