Shakira Concert Caused Turf Issues In Mexico City For Rams-Chiefs

It has been officially announced that the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams that they will be moving the game Monday night from Mexico City to Los Angeles due to the poor conditions at Estadio Azteca field. The reason for these conditions? A Shakria concert. 

According to Yahoo Sports, the reason for the terrible conditions on the field in Mexico City was due to a Shakira Concert that occurred on October 11th that left the grass surface with significant damage. The damage ended up being so bad that after a month, the field wasn't ready to play an NFL game on.

Many players from the Chiefs and Rams were prepared to sit out of the game if the game remained in Mexico City because of the injury risks that would come along with playing on that field. 

Tickets will go on sale this Wednesday and it will be the first Monday Night Football game at the Coliseum since 1979. 

Photo: Getty Images

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