Dodgers Officially Release The Retiring Chase Utley

The Dodgers have just announced that they have given Chase Utley his unconditional release to facilitate his official retirement. 

For almost 13 seasons, Chase Utley was a vital part of the Phillies. For most of the past four, Utley has been part of the Dodgers, and now he will be making his way off the field. In July, he officially made his retirement know when gave an official statement. 

"I transitioned to a part-time player, something new for me, but I took it in stride," said Utley. "Also, a part-time strength coach, part-time pitching coach, occasionally part-time catching coach as well as a part-time general manager. The thing I'm having the most difficult time with is being a part-time dad. So that's really the reason I'm shutting it down. I'm ready to be a full-time dad."

We thank Chase Utley for everything that he has done for the past 13 seasons with the MLB. 

Photo: Getty Images

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