49ers Cheerleader Takes Knee During National Anthem

Before the San Francisco 49ers took on the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football, a cheerleader for the 49ers was seen taking a knee during the national anthem. It marks the first time since the protests began a couple years ago that an NFL cheerleader participated in kneeling of the National Anthem. Her motive on why she kneeled wasn't made clear to anyone as of yet.

In 2016, Colin Kaepernick started his own national anthem protests in this very stadium in which is goals were to bring awareness to police brutality. 

The NFL attempted to stop the kneeling protests in May that requires players on the field to stand during the national anthem while giving them the option to remain off the field. Many players this season such as Malcolm Jenkins and Michael Bennett of the Eagles stand in the tunnels during the anthem to show their form of protest. 

As for the game, the 49ers blew out the Oakland Raiders 34-3 behind a quarterback Nick Mullens who before yesterday, wasn't even verified on Twitter. Mullens threw 262 yards in 3 TD's to get the 49ers in the win column. 

Photo: Twitter @GatorLenny  

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