Michael Brockers On Rams Record If Jeff Fisher Was Still Here: "7-9"

Michael Brockers and the Rams are having one of the best seasons in recent memory. They are 8-0 and they are traveling to take on the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. 

Defensive tackle Michael Brockers was drafted to the Rams back in 2012 as a first round pick and he had some thoughts about his former head coach. 

Leahy: “We’re honest on this show, so be honest with me. What would your record be right now if Jeff Fisher was still the head coach?”

Brockers: "7-9. There was no accountability."

Brockers in the interview with Kristine Leahy talked about how much he still loved Jeff Fisher for drafting him and giving him an opportunity. But at the same time, he wanted to keep it as truthful as possible. 

Photo: Getty Images

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