LeBron James: "Don't Test My Patience"

In the first two weeks of LeBron James being a Laker, they have five losses and it is starting to take a little bit of a toll on LeBron. 

The Lakers fell to the Minnesota Timberwolves yesterday 124-120 which dropped the Lakers to 2-5. Lebron talked to reporters and he had some thoughts after the loss

We talk about patience but you can't have reoccurrence of the same thing. If you are doing the same things over and over and over and expecting the same result then that’s insanity.  

Late in games for the Lakers, they have struggled defensively and they have not been able to hold teams from scoring in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter.

LeBron James knew when he came to the Lakers that the first couple of months were going to be a little bit of a challenging blending in the the newcomers with the young guys who were already on the team. Through the first couple games of the season, the inexperience and the lack of playing time collectively has really been showing late in games. 

The Lakers go against Dallas on Wednesday at Staples Center, we will see if the Lakers can rebound. 

Photo: Getty Images

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