Fan Turned Down $2000 Cash For Max Muncy's Home Run Ball

If somebody offered you $2000 cash on the spot for a home run ball hit by Max Muncy in Game 3 would you give it away?

On Friday night, the Dodgers beat the Boston Red Sox after Max Muncy hit a walk-off home run in what was the longest game in World Series history. After the game, the fan who caught the home run ball was spotted surrounded by a bunch of other Dodgers fans wanting to make a deal with him to get that historic baseball. 

One fan came straight over to the person who caught it and pulled out $2000 dollars cash for the ball. The fan quickly declined it and insisted he wants to keep it for himself. The twist? The ball was taking away according to the fan who offered him. 

The MUNCY HOME RUN BALL. The obstacles a home run ball collector faces. It's not always about you or the prize you're after. Sometimes it's about being decent to the person who's life you've suddenly partnered upon.Meet Nicolas. He beat me to the ball. It got kicked down the stairs where he was waiting.I immediately asked if he would sell it. I told him I would pay him handsomely for it because I was a HR ball collector. He at first, like they all do, said no. I told him...listen, the Dodger org will be here soon, and they are going to woo with with their 🐃💩, make you feel important, drag you back into their office, and give you not ONE DOLLAR for that ball. So tell me, right now...if you were to sell it, WHAT would that price be. WHAT do you want for it?Nicolas said "Two Thousand". I said OK, you got" "YES", and we shook hands. While a friend was helping me raise the cash, I took photos of the ball. Many people were coming up, taking pictures, speaking to Nicholas in Spanish...and I knew what was coming. I've been down this road before.Many people of Hispanic decent were now leaning over, telling Nicholas "Don't sell the ball!" At one point, a lady was lecturing him. I asked her why she was giving him poor advice, like she was an expert? I told her "You're screwing this guy. He's not going to get ANYTHING from the Dodgers for it. TRUST ME, I KNOW"Seeing it slipping away, I walked up to Nicholas, now with money in hand, and said "SO...Are we doing this? If you walk away, you'll never get a dime for that ball, please, TRUST me. I've been doing this for years"He said "No deal". The Dodger brass were now surrounding him. A Chris-Farley sized security guard stepped in front of me to screen me from their discussion. I laughed at them all, knowing. Poor Nicholas was about to be sodomized. As it turned out, worse than I imagined.Turns out, poor Nick was there because he works for the company contracted to clean Dodger Stadium after games. The Dodgers told him as a contract employee, he has no right to touch that ball. He was now in jeopardy of losing his job.The Dodgers took the ball. Nicholas may be unemployed.

Photo: Getty Images

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