(VIDEO) Basketball Player Fired After Punching Opponent

We have seen fights occur in the NBA this year, but this one might just be the worst of the,.

During a matchup overseas in the Austrian basketball league between the Raiffeisen Flyers Wels and Kafenberg Bulls, Erwin Zulic of Wels dunked on his opponent and continued to hang on the rim which didn't sit well with American player David Samuels. Samuels did not respond well to the show-boating and punched Zulic in the back of the head which send him to the ground. 

Samuels was then ejected from the game and it was later announced that they had "parted ways" for his actions according to The Sun

Bulls general manager Oliver Freund said: 

"The player has to suffer the consequences for his actions, there's no leeway and nothing to wait for.

"In our organization and in sport in general there is no room for that. We've also immediately communicated that to the player - tomorrow he will board a trip home." 

Samuels who was a former Long Beach State player, averaged 11 points and 6 rebounds in his three games he had with the Kafenberg.

Youtube: Yuri Baubau

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