G-League Will Offer $125K To Elite HS Prospects

The one-and-done era might officially be over. The NBA have announced they will now offer a "professional path" to the G-League which will pay $125K salaries to players if they wish to join. This is a move that can directly affect the NCAA and whether or not elite players will join the NCAA. 

The plan now is for the G-League to target high school graduates 18 years and over that would leave the NCAA after one year. With 

The NCAA president Mark Emmert released a statement reacting to the news: 

"We appreciate the NBA's decision to provide additional opportunities for those who would like to pursue their dream of playing professionally. The NCAA recently implemented significant reforms to support student-athlete success, including more flexibility when deciding whether to play professionally.

This is very bad news if you are LaVar Ball since the point of the JBA was to attract players right out of high school to play for his league for money. It is going to be very tough for him to compete with what the NBA is doing right now. 

Lonzo Ball had some thoughts on what the NBA is doing right now and the similarities to the JBA. 

The JBA in its first year wasn't seen as a huge success, but it was something that would take time. This move clearly has a domino effect everyone and it will be a "wait and see" type of approach to see what happens with the players moving forward. 

Photo: Getty Images

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