Brewers Jeffress On Justin Turner's HR: "He Just Got Lucky"

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Milwaukee Brewers to tie up the series at 1. After the loss, Brewers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress had some words about some Dodgers players. 

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress was the one who gave up the eighth inning home run to Justin Turner which ultimately was the game changer. But Jeffress had something to say about it. 

It's a lucky hit, man. It just is. It is. 

He didn't stop at Justin Turner though. He was also asked about Chris Taylor when he got on base right before the home run by Turner.  

"Dude, honestly. You seen the hits. I ain't gotta tell nobody," Jeffress said. "If I say it's lucky, it's lucky. Everybody sees the hits."

Jeffress has had a very rough postseason and a rough Game 2 vs. the Dodgers. He may say it is luck but in the first two games of the series, the Dodgers have got him for five hits, a walk and two runs in 1.1 innings. 

The Dodgers go home now to play three straight games in Los Angeles starting Monday at 4:39 PT. 

Photo: Getty Images

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