LeBron Shows Support For Kaepernick During Pregame

LeBron has been very open the last couple of years showing his support for Colin Kaepernick. 

On Thursday night, LeBron showed up to the Lakers' preseason game vs. the Kings wearing a Colin Kaepernick Nike branded shirt and posted on Instagram using the hashtag #MoreThanAnAthlete

James was asked about why he wore the 'Kaepernick' shirt.

“I wear a Kaepernick shirt tonight, one because I mean it’s Nike, and I’m a Nike guy,” he said. “And two, I support Kaep. I always support Kaep and what he stands for, what he believes in.” 

If you remember, last month Nike launched an ad with Kaepernick that drew a lot of controversy throughout America. After Nike had announced their "Just Do It" campaign, James voiced his opinions on all the backlash Nike was getting.

I stand with Nike all day, every day!

James has been very involved on taking an activist role ever since the comments from Fox reporter Laura Ingraham told LeBron to just "bounce a ball" and "shut up and dribble." 

LeBron is going into his 16th and now is focused on making his mark off the court.  

Photo: Getty Images 

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