Tom Telesco Discusses Hunter Henry's ACL Injury

Chargers GM Tom Telesco joined the Petros and Money Show to talk about losing TE Hunter Henry to an ACL injury.

"It was about routine as you'll see. For any type of practice. He ran an out route against a linebacker one on one and make the catch, turned up field and even sprinted down about thirty forty yards. Didn't really think much of it till he pulled up an checked with the trainers. Unfortunately this the way ACLs happen many times. Many times, I'd say about eighty percent of ACL injuries are non contact variety. You just hurt for Hunter because this team means so much to him and he means a lot to us. It is certainly a blow but it is something that every team is going to have certain situations like this come up and we have some time to see where we are and we have some time to adapt which we are going to have to do...We are going to just have to draw a little bit different roadmap I think for next year not having Hunter but we have some pieces here that we can work around I think."

Entering his third season, Henry was becoming a key contributor to the Chargers offense. Last season, the 23-year-old posted 45 catches for 579 receiving yards and four touchdowns. With Henry likely out for the year, Telesco says it's hard to see his players suffer injuries. 

"Its incredibly difficult because you spend so much time here with your players and for me all them are like my kids. You root for them, you push them, you pad them on the back and every now and then you got to kick them in the butt just like your kids but you feel for them. When you see somebody get hurt you more feel for them cause you know how much they put in to it for all of our guys not just Hunter. When something happens this early it makes it even harder to take."

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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