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Kurt Warner

Former NFL quarterback and Super Bowl Champion, Kurt Warner, joined Petros and Money to talk about all things NFL. Warner particularly weighed in on the NFL Draft quarterback selections. 

"Obviously we have seen that there is no one way to do it. I think so much of it comes down to the make up of the individual and you have to know and understand what that makeup is and to me a prime example is Andrew Luck. Here's a guy that was drafted number one and guy that was throw into a situation with not a great team. A guy that has taken his lumps from the stand point he got hit a lot and he has been force to do a lot so he has thrown a lot of interceptions and had a lot of things go against him so to speak. But he has the makeup to be able to handle everything that the league throws at him and any criticism and mistakes that he makes and he just bounces back. From a mental standpoint it doesn't affect him. I have seen other guys that are exactly the opposite. You throw them in and they get hit or they make a lot of mistakes and they start to get gun shined, they start to be afraid to lead and to make mistakes and they just want that out of their hands and those guys tend to disappear. I think a lot comes down to what do feel you have in that guy and if you feel you got that tough minded guy that can handle anything, I think the approach is that if we are not a great team, lets throw him in and lets him learn on the run and let him take his lumps so two or three years from now when we are ready as a team to win that player will be ready."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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