Don MacLean Talks Draft Combine, NBA Playoffs

2018 NBA Draft Combine

Clippers analyst, Don MacLean, joined the Petros and Money show to weigh in the NBA Playoffs and the Draft Combine. MacLean talked about how teams, including the Clippers, have been scouting and working out players at this years combine.

"Well they are going to get a good player at 12 or 13 if they decide to stay there. When you start looking at guys at the very top we have Jaren Jackson in camp with us now. 18 not going to be 19 till September. The thing that comes to mind this year is that it is so hard project and no one knew that Donavan Mitchell at 13 was going to be what he was this year. So these guys got a hard job and there's so much information that you can gather now and being here in Chicago and talking to a lot of these people the last couple days, the interviews have become way more important than they ever used to be. I think because of the way information gathered in video and everything you kind of know what you are dealing with as a player and then you bring him in for a workout and you see more more. But the interviews have become so important for this reason. Because offense and defense in the NBA have become so much more sophisticated especially on the defensive end, you can't have a guy that doesn't have a high basketball IQ, a high IQ in general and is not willing to work and to to dig into the playbook if you will so that they could be an immediate rotation guy. So if we are talking about 12 and 13, you're not going to use those picks on guys that aren't going to play as rookies. I mean lottery picks have to been in the rotation so are they smart enough, do they get concepts, are they disciplined enough to follow a game plan, are they in it for the right reasons, you know are they in it for the money and the cars everything or do they really love playing the game. That's the one thing that stood out this year."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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