LeBron James' Destination Not Set In Stone

LeBron James

USA Today NBA Insider Sam Amick joined Matt "Money" Smith and Dan Woike this week to talk about where LeBron James will end up this summer. 

James is a free agent after the season, and will look to keep his options open. Amick says that James' future destination isn't set in stone yet. 

"I feel like it changes all the time. I do, for me I've got an idea that is stuck in my head for quite some time now that was planted around the NBA finals time last year on the trip in Cleveland when I would probably describe it as a person who's got a really good read on LeBron's life kind of crystallizing the concept that he is so good at this game of basketball that he really its almost to the point that he believes that he could pick up and move anywhere and find his way to the finals. That seems like a crazy idea except that we end up seeing it happen over and over again. And I understand that certainly that the disparity between the East and the West during his time getting to the finals so many times in a row but with that in mind I feel like you know thats why I continue to look at it and say ya you know what maybe he does just have it in his head that LA would be a fanatics option and life wise it would work for his family and entertainment wise it would work and his legacy. I think has been temped to have a unique legacy not only because of success but because of that idea that he was just a one man roaming championship man or at least a guy that always got to the dance. So I don't know. The other side of me looks at it right now and says listen. These two game winners that he has had in these playoffs and the celebrations that he has had with Cavs fans and the fun the ride that are having to this point. Its hard not to think that that doesn't strike something within him as the guy who grew up in Akron and grew up a Cavs fan and may be compelled for him not to leave. So I kind of feel like its changing everyday now."

Listen to the full interview below.

Sam Amick

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