Don MacLean Breaks Down Where LeBron Will End Up This Summer

LeBron James

Basketball analyst, Don MacLean, joined Matt and Dan Woike to weigh in on the NBA playoffs and where LeBron James will land this summer. MacLean says as great as LeBron is he doesn't think he will choose the Lakers over other teams. 

"He knows he can't beat the Warriors with that group. I understand what you're saying but I think  LeBron is smart enough especially this deep into his career that he's got to position himself with a couple of guys. I think if you are talking about LeBron he doesn't need three other guys like the Warriors he needs two though. He gets two like he did in Miami I think that has to be what he is thinking that if I could get with two other guys that'll buy in I can beat the Warriors. But I don't think he is interested in coming to the Lakers by himself with a bunch of nice young players because I don't think thats good enough to beat Warriors or the Rockets."

MacLean thinks that LeBron might leave for a team out in Texas. 

"I have a feeling that there is something brewing that nobody is talking about and that nobody has sniffed out yet that LeBron and CP and somebody are going somewhere like I just have this feeling and I don't anything that anybody else doesn't know but just kind of watching this stuff unfold for the four or five years, I have a sneaky feeling that there is something going to happen this summer that no one is talking about and that LeBron is going to windup I don't know where it is but windup with a couple superstar players and make a run at it."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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