Dodgers' Walker Buehler: I Feel Like I Can Factor In...And That's Awesome

Walker Buehler, Dodgers

Dodgers rookie pitcher Walker Buehler joined Roggin and Rodney this week to discuss searching for a permanent spot in the rotation, the team's historic no-hitter in Mexico and how the Dodgers plan to overcome their sluggish start.

On the up-and-down nature of moving between the minors and big league club:

"That's the business side of it. That's the control the team has, and trying to put together a team that can win consistently. Now, I feel like I can factor into that in some way, and that's awesome."

On the Dodgers being able to overcome early-season struggles:

"We have a really good team. I know the record doesn't indicate it, but we have a lot of guys that are really good baseball players coming off the DL. I'm pretty confident that we will figure it out."

On wanting to be left in last weekend's no-hitter:

"Selfishly, of course you do. You can't really help but want to. But that's Doc's job. The organization obviously has a way they go about it, and I'm completely fine with that. Those guys took care of the hardest part for me, and I was just glad to be a part of it."

On his connection to racing growing up in Lexington, KY:

"I grew up going to the track a lot. Keeneland is the race track in Lexington, and I used to go there quite a bit when they were running. My girlfriend's sister is married to a jockey that rode in the Derby, so that was pretty cool to get to know him and hang out in the jockey's room and meet some of those guys. The jockey's are pretty under-appreciated. The horses get all the credit, but what they do is pretty incredible."

On if he's ever been rode a race horse:

"No. Those things are huge, man. They're scary."

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