Justin Turner Injury: Goal To Return Next Week

The ailing Dodgers may finally get some reinforcements.

David Vassegh joined Roggin and Rodney to report that Justin Turner expects to return next week against either the Marlins or the Nationals. 

"Justin Turner is supposed take part in simulated games Wednesday and Thursday at Dodger Stadium," he said. "The goal for him is to rejoin the Dodgers in Miami or Washington, D.C. next week on the road trip, but he was telling me there are a lot of hurdles he needs to clear that aren't done. He hasn't slid into the base with his left hand dragging. He hasn't had to dive for a ball with the glove in his left hand. There are things that happen in a game that he can't simulate in rehab. All these things are things he really needs to clear before he's going to be back to normal and really trust that his left wrist is going to be able to do everything it needs to do."

In addition, he dished with Fred and Rod on the pitching woes, including the recent bicep tendinitis to Clayton Kershaw.

"He has a violent delivery," he said, "and as you get older, there are physical limitations."

With the injuries mounting, Vassegh gives a timeline to fans to really start worrying about the season.

"We'll get a better picture of the team come end of May or June. There is worry that by the time this team rounds into shape, it might be too late."

David Vassegh 5-8-18

Photo: Getty Images

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