Alex Verdugo Talks Being Brought Up To The Majors, Mexico Series

Dodgers outfielder, Alex Verdugo, joined the Petros and Money show live at Dodger stadium to talk about being brought up to the major league and the Mexico series. Verdugo says that being with the team for the last week has been an experience like no other. 

"Everything has been going great you know just enjoying it, being around the guys and just kind of getting used to on how to handle yourself every single day at this level. It's way different. I mean I think the preparation and how serious they take everything from hour and hour before the game and how serious how everyone takes their work and they're doing everything with a purpose. Listen to the full interview below."

Verdugo also talked about the playing the Mexico series and what it was like to place in another country. 

"It was amazing. I mean just being in Monterrey and you know just seeing all the fans and that stadium that they have down there it was great. The fans were electrifying and I really like playing down there. It was mostly business but my dad and my mom were there so he wanted to take us out and explore a little bit and kind of find some places to eat. He loves to go to the hole in the wall spots and find the really, really good food." 

Although he has only been in the majors for a shot amount of time, Verdugo is already becoming a fan favorite. 

"My nickname right now is Doogie. I think its going to be both Doogie or the Executioner. Just all depends on what guy you want on the field that day...Just from Verdugo. My older brother he kind of just had it through high school. Everyone just called him Doogie and I went to the same high school so it just kind of followed that way." 

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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