Albert Breer Talks On How Josh Rosen Will Fair In The NFL

Sports illustrated writer, Albert Breer, joins the Petros and Money show to talk everything Josh Rosen. Breer discussed how Rosen will hold up in the NFL including if coaches could coach around his personality. 

"Well I think there have been the obvious questions with Josh Rosen and look all the quarterbacks the top four quarterbacks, they each has something you had to be comfortable with. Really when you talk to enough people over the last few months it really boiled down to what you thought you could coach. Sam Darnold is can you coach the turnovers out of him. With allen can you coach accuracy can you coach him to see the field. With Baker can you coach around his height and I think with Rosen can you coach his personality. That was a huge part of it. I mean he has been on this stage longer than any of them I mean he was sort of anointed to the next great one the true freshman at UCLA. So he has been under the spotlight longer and clearly the way he interacted with teammates the way he takes coaching like all that was a huge part of his file with everything and so I think for the last 3-4 months he has really been fighting an un-winnable battle. They were a lot of people that didn't trust him and in these settings in 15 minute meetings combine and board sessions with coaches you know are you really going to get those guys to trust him and so that was the fight that he was sort of fighting the last few months and clearly with Arizona that made a difference because both Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim when they picked up the phone and called him to tell him that they were trading up for him, that time they spent together in Arizona made the difference. I think it really underscores the whole question with him which had more to do with who he was as a person than who he is as a player."

Breer says that Rosen's confidence is something that separates him from the other quarterback prospects. 

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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