Rick Honeycutt Talks Dodgers' No-Hitter, Walker Buehler

Walker Buehler In Mexico Series Game Against The Padres

Dodgers pitching coach, Rick Honeycutt, joins Rick Monday to talk about the Dodgers' historic night and Walker Buehler's impact to the team. Although the Dodgers had an impressive night, Honeycutt says it will be hard to top a performance like that. 

"Well you don't top those unless, I mean those are always unexpected but I mean just a beautiful thing watching a guy, watching Buehler come in and step in each time and give us quality innings. Actually that extra innings for him last night, I know he was extremely disappointed coming out the game but at the same time to get three innings were he was at pitch count definitely supported Doc's move right there and the guys came in behind it with Lib and Cingrani and Yimi and pitch really well."

Honeycutt also discussed why Buehler's recent performance doesn't surprise him. 

"This young man you have to go back. I mean he was very polished pitcher in college the year we drafted him. We knew there was, fighting some elbow issues at that time but people forget the previous summer how good he was after his sophomore year and the previous summer going up and being the pitcher up in the Cape Cod League which is a extremely talented league for college player. So you are looking at an advanced college pitcher. I remember watching a game of him in the regionals and actually Andrew said we are thinking about one of the pitcher taking in the first round but we know that he has had some elbow issues but at the same happened to be the next couple of days I am turning on tv Saturday morning and here he was pitching in the regionals. Watching him I went to him and said the stuff I saw tonight he should be pitching at Dodger Stadium right now. So that's how good the stuff is. Last year we got to see glimpses of it but coming back on a restricted pitch count and getting a taste of the big leagues but now you are seeing the full arsenal of the fastball and the curveball, the slider, changeup so very confident young man with just great stuff."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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