Fernando Valenzuela Talks Dodgers Memories, Mexico Series

Fernando Valenzuela

Dodgers legend Fernando Valenzuela joined David Vassegh this weekend to talk about the Dodgers' series in Mexico and memories from his iconic career.

The last time Valenzuela came to Mexico with the Dodgers was in 1991. He says that having games outside the U.S. is a great experience for the fans. 

"When you're on the field thats more exciting. I think it is at this time when not on the field but it still has that good experience and looks like everything is ok but just excited. It's a good experience because the fans love it as well. A lot of people in Mexico love it as well so when I was on the field it's hard to see how many people follow the games. But now I am out of baseball as a ball player. I am still involved in baseball but it's not the same. A lot of people they ask, remember this game in 1995 when you threw this or that. I say Im sorry I don't remember. So that part made me feel good because I can see the people follow my career. That makes me feel good."

El Toro pitched 17 seasons in the majors, including ten with the Dodgers. He weighed in on the impact that his career had on baseball. 

"Lots of people say I follow baseball because we have been watching you play and this and that. And that makes me feel good because you know we try do a good for the fans, you know our best and you know on the field so they can have a good entertainment. You know to follow their favorite teams you know its a good feeling. That makes me happy because the last time I pitched was 20 years ago and a lot of people they still follow my career so thats great.

Valenzuela aslo talked about Walker Buehler and what he means to the Dodgers. 

"He's got a tremendous arm. You know you see that fast ball 98 like nothing I say wow. He's been pitching pretty good the last three outings he's been ok. Last night with better control and thats good. I think thats what Dodgers probably need you know to throw more over the plate, challenge more hitters so that we he is going to throw less pitches and stay longer in the game and I think that's what he did last night in the game for six innings."

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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