Paul George-Lakers, NBA Playoffs And More With Don MacLean

Paul George

Basketball analyst Don MacLean joined Petros and Money this week to talk about the NBA Playoffs and the chances Paul George joins the Lakers. 

After the Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated from the playoffs, the conversations about Paul George continued to grow. MacLean weighed in on why Paul George may leave Oklahoma City. 

"I'm not speaking specifically to anybody but if I'm another star player probably not. The game is so much about with like what I just said with the Utah Jazz like its so much about moving the ball so that the defense has to move and you get open shots and you get good looks. If one guy is taking forty-three shots, the other team kind of knows what's coming and thats Russell Westbrook downhill. You load the paint, there's three guys waiting for him and is it a good shot. Once you start getting into that pattern other guys just start standing around, you stop running you start moving off the ball and it just becomes an offense that's stagnant. If Westbrook goes thirty-two for forty-three ya ok you might win but how often is that going to happen. That doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean that PG is leaving. Doesn't mean anything other than If I was star player I probably wouldn't want to watch that in an elimination game." 

MacLean added that money could play a factor in the Paul George sweepstakes. 

"If you go back to when he went to Oklahoma City and what the narrative was it's like well see how it goes and let's see how deep we get into the playoffs, let's see how it works. Well it didn't work all that great I mean in the regular season and in the playoffs but I do know he likes it there. I do know that. That he liked the city, like the fans, he liked playing with the guys on the team. They can pay him the most. So that's a big factor. If were him again, I think I said this last week, I need to go to place where I have an immediate chance to be really good. Not saying there's anywhere you have an immediate chance to win a championship until the Warriors break up but I need to go to a place where there's other star players and get myself a chance to win. If you read stuff on the internet, now the Sixers keep coming up. That might be a great destination for him but he would have to accept taking less money and I'm not sure and that's a case by case basis if he would be willing to take less money than he could get staying with the Thunder." 

Listen to the full interview below. 

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