Chase Utley Talks Dodgers Rally Over Diamondbacks

The Dodgers spilt their series against the Diamondbacks with a 5-2 win on Thursday, with infielder Chase Utley playing a vital role.

Dodgers Insider David Vassegh caught up with Utley after the game to talk about how he came up big for the Dodgers. In the eighth inning, Utley slid into second off of Matt Kemp's single. Although he was ruled safe, the 39-year-old says he wishes he would of stretched more before the game. 

"Anytime it's a fly ball you want to be able to tag up, especially with second base going to third. So I wasn't sure if he was going to catch it. I try to put my self in a position to tag if CT tagged then it dropped in front of him and I was running as far as I could to get to second. I was going as fast as I could coming off the bench. I was not as loose as I would like to be. I try to get loose but its just not quite the same. We were lucky to get safe there."

The Dodgers came with 4 runs to take the lead. Among those was Utley, who crossed home on a wild pitch for the go-ahead run.  

Utley says he hopes the team can carry the momentum into their next series. 

"Woody pitched a great game. Our bullpen did a good job to score some late runs, which we haven't done a lot of lately, so it's a good sign that we could take this momentum into Mexico."

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images. 

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