Tom Candiotti Breaks Down Diamondbacks Early-Season Success

Tom Candiotti With The Dodgers

Former Dodger, Tom Candiotti, joins Rick Monday to discuss the Arizona Diamondbacks hot start to the season including the contributions from the bullpen. Candiotti, who is the Diamondbacks radio analyst, says that the teams solid start should be credited to the clubs consistency but added that luck also has played a factor. 

"Its hard to really kind of figure out you know. Every team has there guys that have been hurt. With you guys missing Turner is obviously a big blow. The Diamondback missing Lamb, he has been like their RBI guy. Big guy in the line-up. Without him Susan they were really counting on him a lot. He's almost like Jake Lamb but from the right side. You know you are probably going to get a lot of walks, lot of strikeouts but he will probably pop thirty out. He hasn't been out there and he is a really good defender. These guys that Tory puts in a little platoon out there. It's almost as if they haven't missed a beat at all. Let's these guys whether its a lefty on the mound he will let Descalso face the lefty. Its holding the dice and its coming up right all the time. Its kind of hard to figure out."

Candiotti added that the roster has a well balanced team from top to bottom. 

"They do. Its just not relying on Goldschmidt all the time. You are getting contributions up and down the lineup and you have been been on good teams and it seems like that always happens when you are not having to rely on the big guys to be the big run producers every single game. On top of that this year, the one guy that I think that really makes a big difference for the Diamondbacks this year but also last year is Archie Bradley. He is kind of like their high leverage pitcher. Usually the eight inning is usually his inning sometimes earlier. Sometimes it might be later depending on where they are at in the lineup. That guy has been electric so far and as long he keeps pitching the way he has been pitching I mean it really just kind of equalizes the whole bullpen."

Listen to the full interview below. 

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