Rich Hill Gives An Update On His Injury

Dodgers Starter Rich Hill

Dodgers starting pitcher, Rich Hill, joins David Vassegh to talk about his injury and his mindset pitching in different types of climates. Hill is set to pitch on Sunday in Mexico and says he is excited to return to the mound. 

"Ya I am happy I mean the infection kind of sidelined me for another week or so and kind of caught everybody by surprise especially myself. I had no idea that something like that could pop up. I'm sure some of the other listeners maybe if they go and get manicures would understand because I heard that's a common issue with cuticle infections and nail infections. So anyway you know I am excited that is it over with and ready to get back to paying some baseball. It's pretty raw and red right now but it is just something that, I threw yesterday off the mound was able to affectively have the ball come off my hand I want to. Looking forward to Sunday and looking forward to pitching well."

Hill's start on Sunday will be in Mexico for the series against the Padres. However, he says he isn't fazed about where he pitches. 

"It just came up as my turn in the rotation but at the same time ya I don't really care about the climate or all the things that you can't control. When you go out there to pitch you have tell yourself that it is the most perfect conditions that you can play under right now at this time. So whether you are pitching in Arizona, Colorado, LA, Monterey, Mexico, New York City those are the best conditions. Rain, snow, cold, heat, humidity, whatever it might be those are the bets conditions that you can be under."

 Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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