What Corey Seager Injury Means For Dodgers

Corey Seager

What does the Corey Seager injury and his season-long absence mean for the Dodgers? Ned Colletti joined Roggin and Rodney on Tuesday to break it all down after news surfaced that the Dodgers' two-time Silver Slugger would miss the rest of 2018 with Tommy John Surgery.

On the team's decision to hold off on surgery when Seager's elbow issues flared up last year...

"It had to be the right call. You just don't operate on somebody to operate on them. If there was a chance that he could heal through rest or through treatment. They had to take that chance. It's only minor surgery and only stuff like that would happen to somebody else. I think you had to do it the way they did it. There's no other way to look at it. Because first of all you can't do anything about it now and secondly you got some of the best people in the land that are doctors and are experts in this field that can give you gauge what the chances are. Plus the patient slash the player they got to agree to do it too. This is not a mandatory requirement. It something thats a personal choice. He thought he could get through it, he thought he could play through it. It's never been as bad as its been the last few days. You had to take that chance."

On the prospects of trading for a guy like Manny Machado..

"I don't think you're there yet. I do think that if your'e going to go to Baltimore and you're going to try to get one of their best players in the last few years and really a star player he's kind of the face of that franchise in some ways. But you better have a lot people that you're going to be sending there. A team thats got a commodity to trade, even if it's going to be a free agent, the only down side that team has is injury itself. If he stays healthy and he's off to a great start. If he stays healthy, they'll command a price. There's only going to more players involved, there won't less as far as teams. I think as time goes on it's in there best judgement to hang on unless you're going to make them a deal that is so good they have to do it now. Because once they do that deal, I know they do that deal I know the team is struggling, the fan base will go home. The fan base knows we're done. They've given up. So you got a couple other factors too. Plus you do have a commodity. You've got a very good player. He's not just a stand-in. I mean you're talking about a guy that might develop into one of the best players on your team."

Why the Dodgers are built to withstand the injury and loss of Corey Seager...

"As far as the offense goes, ya you lose Corey Seager your'e losing a piece of it. But I thought a lot of Bellinger's success last year, tremendous year, was at nobody pointed at him and says you are going to carry us. No, the entire team, especially one to eight when Yasiel was hitting eight and doing well that one to eight group was almost like an American league lineup. There was no weakness to it. So this doesn't fall to one person. Chris Taylor struck out a lot got to get on base more we know that. Puig has to get healthy he has to get his stroke back. Ten days ago we were singing blues about Joc Pederson he's been great since. So guys are going to find there stride they are going to get their timing down, they are going to come back and hit. Trust me, losing Corey Seager breaks my heart to like everybody else's. But I learned a long time ago. There ain't nothing you can do about that. You got to figure out how you are going to win todays game and the ones after this. So they got enough players, they got a chance to get Machado or someone thats upper echelon or even a better player or someone who can play a different spot to give them a chance to continue to use Chris there or Kike there, they'll do it they are aggressive. They know what their doing they have been very successful. But you can't ride it off on May first. Goodness its May first."  

Listen to the full interview below.

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