USC's Uchenna Nwosu Talks Getting Drafted By Chargers

Uchenna Nwosu At USC

Former USC linebacker, Uchenaa Nwosu, joins Petros and Money to discuss getting drafted by the Chargers. The bolts selected the selected the senior linebacker in the second-round with the 48th overall pick. Uchenna says being drafted by the Chargers was a surprise to him because he didn't really talk to them before the draft. 

"I talked to the Chargers a couple of times throughout this draft process. Primarily I remember at the NFL combine I sat down and got a chance to really talk to them but throughout this whole draft process you know it wasn't really them it was more Tennessee more Atlanta when they gave me the call I was more than excited." 

Uchenna says he was also glad to stay in Los Angeles and continue to play for his city. 

"I'm happy right where I'm at. What beats Los Angeles? You know weather, food, the culture I've just been here my whole life so no place better than home."

 During his senior year at USC, Uchenna racked up 75 total tackles including 47 solo tackles. He said he got a chance to talk to the Chargers about what he could bring to the table on the defensive end. 

"Ya definitely he talked to me about it a little bit. The position that they run is called the auto position. So he does both more playing on the dropping in coverage buzzing to the flats occasionally and that where he sees me as for the defense."  

Listen to the full interview below. 

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